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  1. 为学生提供古代合唱艺术的训练;
  2. To develop musicianship 和 provide musical experiences through participation in a performing organization;
  3. To serve the Curley community by sharing the gift of choral music in concert performances 和 in conjunction with other school functions.

正规的玩彩平台的课程是为培养没有唱歌经验的学生而设的. 事实上, only rarely does the Curley Choir encounter new members who have enjoyed any prior appreciable choral experiences. 因此,新成员不应该因为缺乏唱歌经验而气馁. 正规的玩彩平台会训练你!!!



柯利合唱团全员演唱“希望之岛,眼泪之岛” 在这里

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Luminare唱诗班演唱洛克的《十大正规彩票平台》.“点击 在这里

柯利·林格斯·手铃合唱团演奏《正规的玩彩平台》.“点击 在这里



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大主教柯利合唱团成立于1996年.  由于合唱团成员的才华和奉献精神, 唱诗班, 在它存在的最初阶段, 赢得了与柯利的其他表演团队一起的位置.  的 Choir has performed with the 巴尔的摩 Symphony Orchestra at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 在马里兰圣母学院和马里兰大学巴尔的摩分校.  唱诗班的范围和成员不断扩大, 和 we are proud to offer incoming students an opportunity to become part of this vital organization.


的 choral music program at 大主教柯利高中 is represented by the following four performing organizations:

  1. 大主教柯利高中合唱团 
    合唱团由柯利九年级到十二年级的学生组成.  的 Choir performs mainstream choral literature 和 consists of approximately eighty (80) students.
  2. 大主教柯利·斯科拉
    的 Schola is comprised of current Curley students who are invited to become members based on music acuity 和 demonstrated dedication.  斯科拉合唱团每周有两天在放学后排练.  Schola专门表演 美中不足 音乐学院由大约14名学生组成.  Days 和 dates of Schola rehearsals are listed in the  Choral Program Directory following the Schedule of Performances 和 Special Rehearsals.
  3. Luminare合唱团
    Luminare合唱团 is comprised of invited current Curley students 和 invited Curley Choir alumni who possess a high degree of skill in the craft of choral singing.  所有会员必须具备流利的视读能力.  Luminare合唱团在各种场所表演复杂的合唱音乐, 尤其是礼拜仪式.  Days 和 dates of Luminare Choir rehearsals are listed in the Choral Program Directory following the Schedule of Performances 和 Special Rehearsals.
  4. 大主教柯利·林格斯
    Ringers是一个手铃合唱团,专门训练学生摇手铃的艺术.  Membership is open to all current students enrolled in the choral music program at Curley.  的 Ringers perform at the Christmas 和 Spring choral concerts 和 at various other times throughout the season.


如上所述, incoming members of the Curley Choral Program need not have had any prior singing experience.  需要什么, 然而, is a willingness to learn 和 a commitment to faithfully attend all rehearsals 和 performances.  这方面的承诺至关重要,因为:

  1. 唱诗班是表演组织, 才能正常工作, 要求成员定期参加排练和演出.  这是绝对必要的, 因为每个唱诗班都需要在每次排练中学习技巧和音乐.  很明显, each member also needs to be present for each performance in order for the choir to perform up to st和ard.  请记住, there is simply no way to replace a missing singer at either a rehearsal or a performance.
  2. 唱诗班是一个团队,就像任何运动队一样.  为了让球队做到最好, each member has a responsibility to contribute to his team 和 to the school the team represents.  在唱诗班的背景下, 这只能通过参加所有的排练和演出来实现.
  3. 责任是任何柯利合唱团成员所教导的重要一课.  每个成员都应该“各尽其责”。.  这节课将有助于学生的前景和表现在他的学校, 在他的家庭和工作场所.


正如学校的课程目录所写的, one (1) academic credit per school year is awarded to students who successfully complete the Curley Choir course.  Inasmuch as the Curley Choir is an academic class just as any other subject in the school’s curriculum, all requirements that attach to an academic course at 大主教柯利高中 also attach to the Choir.

成绩将根据学生在唱诗班的工作每季度进行评估.  Choristers who are invited to join the 十大正规彩票平台 Schola are accorded Honors Level credit.

Freshmen choristers should note that membership in the Curley Choir satisfies the school’s freshman 美术 requirement, 只要唱诗班的唱诗班成员的工作成绩及格.  新生合唱团是免费的, 当然, 选修其他的美术选修课, 如Frosh Instrument(乐队), 艺术讲座或音乐鉴赏.  如果一个新生唱诗班选择参加这些额外的美术选修课之一, 他将获得额外的学分,他的GPA和QPA将相应地计算.  Freshmen who elect to take Curley Choir 和 who do not take an additional freshman 美术 elective will receive two (2) extra study halls per six day schedule cycle.

荣誉 & 奖

的 choral music program boasts a series of awards 和 honors that are bestowed to recognize distinguished achievement 和 to provide incentives for choristers.

圣格雷戈里合唱奖 is awarded by the Choirmaster to a graduating senior who has shown consistent musical excellence 和 dedication.  该奖项是在毕业典礼上颁发的.

全国学校合唱奖 是授予即将毕业的大四学生的, 由全体唱诗班成员投票决定, 须经唱诗班指挥同意, 对柯利合唱团贡献最大的是谁.  该奖项在表演团体颁奖典礼上颁发.

最杰出青年, 最杰出大二学生最杰出新生 奖项颁发给每个班级的成员, 由全体唱诗班成员投票决定, 须经唱诗班指挥同意, 对柯利合唱团贡献最大的是谁 of any member in his class.  这些奖项在表演团体颁奖典礼上颁发.

Levels of membership awards are granted to choristers who successfully pass tests evidencing levels of music achievement associated with each level of membership.  的se levels of membership are symbolized by the color of the ribbon on which a chorister’s choir medal is hung 和 worn as part of the chorister’s formal 和 liturgical uniforms.  成员级别和与每个级别相关联的色带颜色, 按升序排列, 是:

  • 少年歌手(浅蓝带)
  • 资深歌手(深蓝色丝带)
  • 全唱诗班(红丝带)
  • 杰出唱诗班(黄丝带)
  • 唱诗班指挥合唱团(绿丝带)



唱诗班指挥总是热衷于听取潜在成员及其家人的意见.  If you would like any additional information or have any questions regarding the 十大正规彩票平台 合唱音乐 Program, 请与唱诗班指挥联络, 迈克尔·加夫.  合唱团指挥的电邮地址如下: (电子邮件保护).


作为学术课程的一部分, 柯利合唱团为所有合唱团提供大师班, 通常在每学年的春季举行.  的 masterclass brings a world-class choral conductor to the Curley campus to spend two days intensive work with our choirs.  传统上, 一场小型音乐会被呈现给大师班的临床医生评估, 和 this assessment is followed by sessions stressing choral pedagogy 和 musical interpretation.  Exposing our young choristers to the tutelage of world-renowned musicians is an experience our choristers will remember for the rest of their lives.  过去的大师班临床医生包括Dr. 斯蒂芬·克利奥伯里博士. Gerre Hancock和Dr. 狮子座C. 长者.


一个很好的, 有凝聚力的表演团体只能通过努力才能形成, 奉献与实践, 实践, 实践.  这就是合唱团经常排练的原因, why they perform so regularly 和 why their members are required to participate in a program of academic musicianship.  正规的玩彩平台的合唱团夏令营项目, 包括秋季小型合唱团营, 春季小型合唱团营和夏季合唱团营, 是为了提供实践的机会, 表演与音乐学习.  除了, the experience of living together also fosters a sense of teamwork 和 fellowship among members of the choirs that immeasurably enhance the group’s musical cohesion 和 sense of music purpose.  的 Choirmaster reserves the right to refuse permission to participate in the choir camp program to any chorister who, 由唱诗班指挥全权决定, 因为不够成熟而不适合.  Successful participation in these camps will positively affect the Curley Choir choristers’ grades.

透过家长及校友义工的奉献, 这些项目的价格被控制在最低限度, 使每个成员都有可能参与这些计划.