The Counseling Department’s web page is an information resource for the Archbishop Curley community. Below, you will find general information concerning our department.

To the left, you will see several links, including a link for each class of students, all of which will connect you to additional pages full of useful information. On the class pages, we provide information on numerous topics specifically impacting each class.

We encourage all students, parents, and visitors to browse through our web-based information and discover what we have to offer. And, as always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Counseling Department Staff

Mr. Polsinelli
Director of Counseling Department
School Counselor for Last Names M-Z
[email protected]
410-485-5000 Extension 223

Mrs. Owens
School Counselor for Last Names A-L
[email protected]
410-485-5000 Extension 261

Mrs. Berkey
College Counselor For Last Names A-L
[email protected]
410-485-5000 Extension 224

Mrs. Berrigan
College Counselor for Last Names M-Z
[email protected]
410-485-5000 Extension 222

Department Mission Statement

The Archbishop Curley High School counselors believe:

  • All students can learn and should be given the opportunity to do so.
  • All students have dignity and worth and have a right to a safe and mutually respectful learning environment.
  • Learning involves the education of the whole person and is a continuous life long process.
  • All students have a right to participate in the school counseling program.
  • Diversity is to be respected and appreciated as we foster unity among our students, faculty and staff.

The school counseling program should:

  • Be student-centered.
  • Include education that extends beyond the classroom environment and allows students to develop life long skills that can assist them in the pursuit of their life goals.
  • Consider all students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, spiritual, and special needs when planning and implementing the school counseling program.

School counselors will:

  • Act in the best interest of the student and advocate for students when appropriate.
  • Adhere to ethical standards as outlined in the ACA Code of Ethics.
  • Participate in professional development in order to maintain a high standard of student services.

Peer Tutoring

Begins September 27th, during 8th period Study Hall (Day 3 and 6).  If interested, please see your guidance counselor.

Counseling Resources

For Students and Parents

Process for IEP/Service Plans

If a student already has an IEP and needs an update:

The child’s parent(s) must take a copy of the IEP to the nearest high school to Curley, which is Patterson High School.

The parent should ask to speak to the IEP chairperson at the school.  From there, this individual can assist with the IEP process

If a student does not have a previous IEP:

The parent must contact Baltimore City Child Find at 443-881-1011.

IEPs are not created for individuals at private schools.  If appropriate, a Service Plan is developed.

Crisis Response Hotlines

  • Baltimore County – 410-931-2214
  • Baltimore City – 410-433-5175
  • Harford County – 410-638-5248
  • AA County – 410-768-5522
  • Youth Crisis Hotline – 800-422-0009
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 800-784-2433

Tutoring Services

  • Peer Tutoring – Guidance Office
  • Khan Academy
  • Matt Schruefer Math/SAT/ACT tutor
    [email protected]
  • Baltimore Learning Solutions

Mental Health Services

  • Harbel Prevention and Recovery
  • Baltimore County Mental Health Services
  • Baltimore City Mental Health Services
  • Harford County Mental Health Services
  • AA County Mental Health Services

Career and College Websites